Boone Area Chamber of Commerce "Focus"

Entrusting our magazine to SouthComm was like giving my daughter's hand in marriage - kind of frightening! Will we be happy? Can we get along? Will this relationship last? Well, we 'tied the knot' and I am happy to say that the honeymoon continues. I wanted to be sure that our branding came through, that our FOCUS masthead remained and that we had complete editorial control. SouthComm came through on all accounts. From sales to editorial to publication and distribution we have been completely satisfied. We wanted a premium magazine that would set us apart from the others
and we got it. I consider SouthComm to be a vital member of our staff - exceeding expectations of performance and professionalism.

DAN MEYER, President
Boone Area Chamber of Commerce

Boone Area Chamber of Commerce
North Carolina

DAN MEYER, President/ CEO